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Finedge Equine is a well established and a leader in manufacturing of Equestrian Equipment and accessories. Although headquartered in India, we have had a successful global sales impression in countries like INDIA, UNITED STATES, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY & UAE. It has been the most reliable venture who has led the equestrian industry to a newer dimension worldwide. And today, we are on the bigger picture. We cover all the facets of Equine requirements under one single roof.

Finedge Group of Companies

Finedge Inc. Group of Companies includes the following companies
- Finedge Equine
- Finedge Wrought Iron Parts
- Finedge Paper
- Finedge Fasteners


Deal with passion, professionalism, enthusiasm with our International clients and provide them our designed equestrian products & accessories range.


Our vision is to increase our current manufacturing capacity and operation to achieve economies of scale and establish ourselves as quality producer of equine shed products.


We are the manufacturers & exporters of equine shed hardware and accessories like brass, aluminium, copper and bronze balls & caps, lights & lantern, decorative ornaments, name plates and decorative vase.

Quality Accreditation

Finedge Equine is an iso 9001:2008 process management accreditation certified company. It is clearly defined to inspect the equestrian property / steel shed / stable products & accessories.


Finedge Equine is leading the way in manufacturing and exporting equestrian products and accessories in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Middle East and also expending to many more.

Our Products

As a leading equestrian building equipments & accessories supplier and manufacturer we have extensive range of brass, aluminium, copper and bronze balls & caps, lights & lantern, decorative ornaments, name plates and decorative vase, stable doors accessories, decorative gate grill accessories.

Clients we serve

We have been on an epic ride to make our dreams come true in the Equestrian industry serving the enthusiasts all over the world. We have always implemented on our route map to create a newer equestrian dimension in worldwide. Though started small with fewer brands serving minimal clientele in India, we reached up to the mark by making our Equestrian impressions on a number of equine shed owners, manufacturers and the whole of the industry.

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Corporate Headquarters


SCF 124, 2nd Floor, Phase 1,

Urban Estate, Jamalpur,

Ludhiana-141010 Punjab INDIA

Tel: +91-161-4636341-42-43

Mobile: +91-8289000018

Email: sales@finedgeinc.com

United States of America

Locust Grove Road, Glen Burmie


Email: sales@finedgeinc.com


Woltmershauser Str 540,

28197 Bremen, GERMANY

Email: sales@finedgeinc.com

United Kingdom

270 Deans Road, Wolverhampton,


Email: sales@finedgeinc.com

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